Crimes around the Duomo

written by Sofia Pauly and Davide Ianni
starring Alessia Candido/Valentina Cherchi and Armando Negro

Our “Crimes around the Duomo” take the long way round: we want to show you what’s been hidden for Centuries, through the poorly lit streets, alleys and squares seen by so many workers, students and locals without ever looking closely: their minds are somewhere else, their eyes see nothing but walls, their feet step on grey sidewalks, that were once red with blood.

The places we’ll see: Teatro alla Scala – Piazza dei Mercanti – San Satiro – Piazza Diaz – Chiesa di San Gottardo – Università degli Studi – Santo Stefano – Piazza Fontana – San Fedele

Meeting point: Piazza Scala, Duomo M1-M3
Duration: 120 minutes
Capacity: < 35 people

Prices starting from 700€ +VAT